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WELCOME TO Organic Castle

Organic Castle® is a top-notch grower and supplier of organic herbs and spices.
With our vast experience in growing and supply of high quality natural herbs and spices, we deliver a large variety of quality organic herbs and culinary spices, medicinal and aromatic herbs of natural high quality timely to our customers within and across Europe for diverse range of products in the health & beauty, herbal tea, food, and medicinal markets. Our farms are located on enormous area of surface with rich soil, distant from domestic and industrious area hence providing the ideal atmosphere for our plants.
Organic Castle® is ISO and ECOA (Egyptian Centre of Organic Agriculture) certified. To be compliant with European market conditions and international standards, Organic Castle® applies state-of-the-art agricultural techniques – ensuring the farms meet competitive standards and the products are of highest quality.

Our Methods
We carefully evaluate products, and if they don't measure up, we don't export them.
All of our methods, are completely compatible with the full EC, USDA Organic standard, while managing to meet - or surpass - strict FDA regulated safety standards and BNN regulations.Our key technologies include: Steam Treated Spice
A) Pre-harvest: This stage includes the process of natural growing from nursing stage. Our crops are grown without any form of genetic modification; no chemicals, irradiation or ozone treatment is applied. Grown, harvested and processed without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or any plant enhancement chemicals. Instead, natural entries are used to provide the plants with their natural elements. This stage also includes the daily supervision and maintenance of the plants.
B) Post-harvest: This stage includes drying process and packaging and enveloping for shipment. Drying Process - Drying is done at a roofed place under the indirect sunlight, protected from rodents or other pest. Each product has its own code with the code of the farm. Then, a sample is sent to the central lab to be tested micro-biologically for quality. Yet, another sample is sent to the Agricultural Research Center to analyze the product for the percentage of the essential nutrients within. Packing and Enveloping consists of packing crushed herbs, seeds, and the tea packed products are packed into special paper bags.
As part of our service to our client, we process (cut, blend and mill) ingredients to create tailored blends/recipes that meet all food manufacturers' needs

Shipping Methods
We ship to various countries at different parts of the globe. We offer our business partners top-notch organic herbs and spices, with the most competitive price ever as these products are ours, and are basically from our farms.
We aim at establishing a long term business relations based on cooperation and mutual respect.
Take advantage of our Direct Import service
Organic Castle is a direct importer and the leading industrial ingredient supplier of steam treated organic spices from our own farms to organic food manufacturers.
Our Direct Import service is an edge that our customers are guaranteed of quality products at a competitive market price, and timely delivery. As part of customer satisfaction and building relationships with our clients, our dedicated team is second to none, and is available to ensure your orders are delivered in a timely and efficient manner. (include check boxes on PO/Quotation offer)

Our Farms
Our Farms are on 1,200,000 M2 of land, and are famous for their rich, productive, and pure soil that is capable of producing the finest agricultural proceeds in different locations in Egypt.

Fresh Produce

We have high standards and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products we possibly can.

  • All products meet quality standards
  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability
  • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth