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Egyptian Basil dried

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The dried, rubbed leaves of Egyptian Basil (Ocimum basilicum), steam sterilised under vacuum 3-4 cycles of 20s @ 116°C or 60 – 90s @ 105°C. The product has no t undergone any fumigation or irradiation treatment. Country of Origin: Egypt

  1. Physical Analysis:

Particle Size:                   0.4mm – 4mm

Appearance:                    Free flowing brittle particulates.

Colour:                             Green to olive green, typical of dried Basil.

Flavour/ Odour:              Fresh and aromatic, characteristic of Basil. Free from off flavours or odours.

Extraneous Material:     <1% by weight.

Foreign Material:            As far as practicable, free from foreign material.


  1. Processing:

Process:                             Harvested, dried, sieved, passed over magnets, heat treated and metal


Processing Aids:               None.


  1. Chemical Specification:

Moisture Content:              Maximum 12%

Total Ash:                             Maximum 16%

Acid Ins. Ash:                       Maximum 2%

Volatile Oil:                          Minimum 0.4%

Pesticide Residues:            Within EU Limits


  1. Microbiological Specification:

cfu/g max TVC


TVC                                                                     <50,000

Coliform Count                                                 <100

Mould Count                                                     <500

Yeast Count                                                       <500

Salmonella                                                         Absent in 25g

  1. coli <10


  1. Nutritional Information:

per 100g:

Energy                                                          251 kcal / 1051 kJ

Carbohydrate                                              60.96g

Fat                                                                 3.98g

Protein (Nx6.25)                                         14.37g

Dietary Fibre                                                40.5g

Sodium                                                         34mg

Source: USDA Nutrient Database.

  1. Packaging Information:

Type of Packaging:                                    Poly liner within multi layer Kraft paper bags.

Printing:                                                       Product name, nett weight, lot number and BBE date.

  1. Shelf Life & Storage:

No deterioration has been detected after 24 months if kept in cool, dry conditions in sealed bags, away from direct sunlight.

  1. Metal Detection:

Ferrous:                                                         0.5 – 0.9mm

Non-ferrous:                                                0.65 – 1.0mm

Stainless Steel:                                            0.75 – 1.2mm










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