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Hibiscus dried flowers


Hibiscus is a member of the Malvaceae family. It is an annual herb that grows to 6 feet or more



Hibiscus is a member of the Malvaceae family. It is an annual herb that grows

to 6 feet or more, stems are glabrous; lower leaves are ovate with the upper leaves being

3-5 palmately lobed. The flowers are axillary or in terminal racemes, the petals are white

with a reddish center at the base of the staminal column, the calyx enlargens at maturity

and the fruit is fleshy and bright red. It is known as roselle (English), l’oiselle (French),

jamaica (Spanish), karkade (Arabic), bissap (Wolof) and dâ (Bambara) among other


The calyces are used to make cold and hot beverages in many of the world’s tropical and

subtropical countries. In China the seeds are used for their oil and the plant is used for

medicinal properties. The leaves and powdered seeds are eaten in West Africa.

Hibiscus flowers is sold on the basis of FAQ (fair average quality) with standards covering

colour, taste, impurity count and moisture content.


Country of Origin:           Egypt



  1. Packsize: 14 kg nett weight.


  1. Physical Analysis:


Particle size:                     100% < 600µm


Appearance:                      Floral, berry-like aroma. Free from objectionable off-odours

Colour:                              Purple-red colour.

Texture:                             Lump free, free flowing particles

Flavour/ Odour:                typical

Foreign Material:              free from foreign material.


  1. Chemical Specification:


Test Units:                                 Specifications


(a) Free Flow Density                               G/CC Minimum 0.45, Maximum 0.60

(b) Moisture                                              12%

(c) Total Ash                                             10%

(d) Acid Insoluble Ash                             1.5%

(e) Sieve Analysis 5 Min Rotate               Thru US#20 95.0% Thru US#60 5.0%

(f) Insect Fragments each                          400

(g) Whole Insects (field/storage) each       25/5

(h) Salmonella                                            negative

(i) Coliform                                                2 of 5 over 10 CFU, 0 of 5 over 100 CFU

(j) E. coli (MPN)                                        2 of 5 over 3 CFU, 0 of 5 over 20 CFU

(k) E. coli (Film)                                        0 of 5 over 10 CFU

(l) S. Aureus                                               1 of 5 over 100 CFU, 0 of 5 over 1000 CFU

(m) Standard Plate Count                           0 of 5 over 1,000,000 CFU

(n) Yeast/Mould                                         0 of 5 over 10,000 CFU


  1. Packaging Information:

Carton boxes (60 x 40 x 40 cm) labelled with product name, net weight, lot number and BBE date.


  1. Shelf Life & Storage:

Typical shelf life 36 months. Store in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight.

valid till 01-12-2020.


  1. Warranty:


13.1 We warrant that all reasonable endeavours will be used to ensure that all foods,

food products or packaging materials intended for food use supplied to you meet

the requirements of Acts, Regulations and Orders applicable in the EU. relating to

the goods supplied.


13.2 To comply with the recommendations of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries

and Foods.


13.3 We undertake to carry out in relation to the food, food products, or packaging

intended for food use supplied by us, such checks as a diligent supplier would

reasonably carry out to ensure compliance with the Acts and Regulations

mentioned and we agree to supply you, in demand, with the results of such checks

in so far as they are relevant to indicating the lawful nature of the goods supplied

by us to you.



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